Functions of Social Institutions Essay examples

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Price TVCC Five Functions of Social Institutions To understand the function of a social institution, one should first understand how the function fits into the concept of social institution. One can find it easy to confuse current function with the intended purpose. When considering this prompt, it can be theorized that social institutions do not have inherent functions, because it is the people of a society on a large scale filling roles that function comes from. Function is how the people in a society choose for things, or institutions, to work together, and that is subject to change based on the collective actions of people. To elaborate, the purpose of the mass media would be to truthfully inform society about…show more content…
Children are the most expansive example of this. A new member of society spends years learning to explore their personal individuality, learn to concede their activities when beneficial to the group or institution. As the member matures into a contributing person of society, they choose a role in which to participate. Other than just the primary working role, there is a whole interconnectedness of teachings for members of society. Family, business, government, economics, information, academia, religion, and others all play a role in the type of society its people build. Preserving the freedom in a society largely relies on how broadly people are educated and the access to free knowledge. Information and speech should be free, in order to prevent widespread ignorance. Historically, John Adams made a statement about the right to know what societal leaders are up to and the free distribution of knowledge. “Liberty cannot be preserved without a general knowledge among the people…They have a right, an
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