Fund-Raising Gala Dinner Case Study

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Industrial Project Management Assignment 1-Group Case Study 2011/11/01 Fund-Raising Gala Dinner I. Project planning 1. Project charter a) Project description Due to the limited funding from both government and donation, Gala Dinner event is intended to publicize the new service of Rehabilitation Center which is aimed to provide occupational rehabilitation and training for disabled person, and to raise 2.5M HK$ for this Non-government Organization to sustain its new program. We wish Gala Dinner event will make this kind of public-service activities draw more attention and concerns from society, institutions, enterprises and individuals, benefiting more disabled person. b) Project objectives I To publicize…show more content…
ensation: 1.111Salary 1.112Bonus & Commissions 1.113Employee Incentive 1.114Employee Benefits 1.115Temporary Labor 1.12 Other Expenses: 1.12 1Seminars & Training 1.12 2Consulting Fees 1.12 3Legal Fees 1.12 4Other Professional Fees 1.12 5Contracted Services 1.12 6Recruitment 1.12 7Advertising 1.12 8Marketing Materials 1.12 9Office Expense 1.12 10Telephone 1.12 11Computer Lease 1.12 12Repairs & Maintenance 1.12 13Utilities 1.12 14Office Supplies 1.12 15Dues & Subscriptions 1.12 16Room and facility Rent 1.12 17Postage 1.12 18General Insurance 1.12 19Taxes & Licenses 1.12 20Software Licenses 1.2 Supervision & charter 1.21 Project description 1.22 Business objectives and success criteria 1.23 Stakeholders 1.24 Vision 1.25 Project Scope 1.26 Assumptions and Dependencies 1.27 Constraints 1.28 Milestones 1.29 Business Risks 1.210 Resources 1.3 Resource 1.31human resource 1.311Plan 1.312Job analysis and design 1.313Staff selecting 1.314 Staff training 1.315 Task allocation 1.316 Evaluation 1.317 Reward 1.32Facility 1.321 Stereo system 1.322 Lighting system 1.323 Projector system 1.234 Computer 1.235 Printer 1.236 Photographic equipment 1.33Material 1.331Office supplies 1.332Raw material 1.333Banner 1.4 Dinner 1.41 Menu 1.42 Shopping list 1.421Plants 1.422Animals 1.423Kitchen ware 1.43 Cooking 1.423

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