Fundamental Movement Skills

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Observation – Assessment – Use ------------------------------------------------- of Fundamental Movement Skills. 1 – Description of your kids: e.g. - What kind of activity do they like? -What kind of activity do they do after school? -What kind of activity do they do during the week? -What kind of activity do they do at the weekend? -How good do they think they are? Student 1 (Katie): The activities she likes are basketball and dance. She plays basketball for her school and they train after school twice a week. They also have matches every week during the basketball season, which are usually after school. She also likes to dance and does hip hop dancing once a week, on Saturdays. She is in the starting line-up of her…show more content…
In the run, all the participants had very similar results, students in general did move arms in the opposite direction to their legs and they also had both feet off the ground for a brief period, however what was very common amongst all students was that they seemed to be flat footed and did not bend their back legs enough during the run. This surprised me, considering the fact that Katie and Alison who seemed to do activities that required a lot of running, whether it be in basketball for Katie or during jogging for Alison, I would have expected their techniques to be better than that of Orla’s who only really ran when she would play basketball now and then with her friends at the weekend. We can see from our analysis that Katie and Orla had equal points of 10 compared to Alison who had a score of 8. The reason for Alison’s lower score was that she constantly had flat feet and didn’t bend her knees enough in both trials. Katie however had flat feet in only one of her trials landing on her heels more in the second trial and Orla who had her back leg bent enough in the second trial. Alison did have a score of 8 which wasn’t very far behind the average score of this skill ie 9, we can see that only small factors are restricting her technique more than the other girls. During Alison’s walks and jogs I would assume that she wouldn’t usually sprint much. When we compare this to Katie who plays basketball competitively it is necessary to accelerate very fast to get
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