Fundamental Requirements of Montessori Tools

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2.Explain the fundamental requirements of Montessori tools?
Ans- The fundamental requirements of Montessori tools are: A).The control of error B).Aesthetics C).Activity D).Limits
a)THE CONTROL OF ERROR: A child notices a mistake in the use of materials ,so every effort should be made to see that the materials offered to a child contains themselves a control of error .We can take an example of wooden bases with holes to receive cylinder of graduated dimensions, from thin to thick , short to tall, or small to large. The holes in the
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Colours, brightness, proportions are everything that surrounds a child. It is not only the sensorial materials but everything that surrounds a child are attractive, colourful, bright, and perfect. The blocks, the tablets, cloth ,letter of alphabets all these are beautiful and colourful, that are invitation to a child. This attractions makes a child corresponds to his greatest needs at the time.

c)ACTIVITY: The other characteristic of this material is that it must lend itself to a child’s activity for his development. The interest of a child does not depend only on the ability of attraction of the things but upon the opportunity that it affords the child for action. In a way, it is not enough that a thing should be interesting itself to the motor activity of the child if it is to be interesting to him. A child is happy and unhappy to make something , to place and replace things time over and continues the process for a long time. A child’s interest can, without doubt, rouse with a beautiful toy, attractive picture, 0r wonderful story, but his interest will be superficial if he only simply look at, listen to, or touch an object,
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