Essay on Fundamentalism and Inerrancy of Scripture

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Inerrancy as an Issue in the Fundamentalist Movement: 1900 to the Present." A Paper Submitted to Dr. Homer Massey In Partial Fulfillment Of the Requirements for the Course History of Christianity II CHHI 525 By, Johnny walker INERRANCY OF THE SCRIPTURES Outline Fundamentalism is a type of religious reaction to all forms of modernity. Within Christianity this phenomenon is mostly characteristic of Protestantism but is also found in Catholicism. In fact, the term fundamentalism was coined in the United States at the beginning of the 20th century, but it was only toward the end of that century that the term began to be applied to some…show more content…
Opposing their extremist positions, in 1942 the moderates created a World Evangelical Association that the fundamentalists attacked. The fundamentalists became visible again in the last third of the 20th century, reacting against the liberal trends in major Protestant churches. Catholicism The fundamentalist movement in the Catholic Church has not been significant. The infallibility of the Bible is not a dogma for Catholics, thus offering little ground for fundamentalism. Catholicism allows some leeway for developing dogma (John Henry Newman ) as well as for the importance of tradition and, in contrast to the fundamentalists, it does not consider the Bible to be the only authority. Catholic movements today emphasize the conservative pontifical documents from the last few centuries and are wary of the more moderate decrees of Vatican II (Monsignor Lefèbvre's anti–Vatican II movement in France is a vivid example). These movements did not draw undue attention from the hierarchy , but they did influence certain informal developers of fundamentalism among some Catholics. Some such influences came from relations with Protestants—such as through charismatic movements that crossed denominational borders. Main Characteristics of Fundamentalism The array of conservative, orthodox , and other traditional movements are not

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