Fundamentalism and Rock and Roll Essay

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Holding onto the five fundamentals, as many Christian fundamentalists call them, is according to the doctrinal truths within the movement. They believe in the inerrancy of Scripture, which reveals Christ as the Messiah, His virgin birth, the atonement in His blood, and His bodily resurrection. Additionally, embedded within the movement is the belief that they, “the saved,” are engaged in a cosmic war that is taking place here and now. As Reza Aslan explains a cosmic war or religious war is, “an earthly battle between rival religious groups…a real, physical struggle in this world and an imagined, moral encounter in the world beyond.” This war is a continuous battle that takes place on all earthly fonts, even on the airwaves.
Since the
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With classic evangelical hymns like “are you washed in the blood of the lamb” and “shall the vile race of flesh and blood” one can get a feel of the bloody imagery within Christian hymns, which could sit right beside some of the darker black-death and heavy-metal rock genres like “Baptized in blood” by the artist Death. As a way to fight against such evils, evangelical groups began to create alternative choices to the satanic unholy offensive music. The cultural phenomenon known as “Contemporary Christian Music” features Christian rock music, which includes Christian heavy metal, among many other styles of music that reintroduce themes that reinforce the five fundamentals. With songs of Christ’s divine forgiveness and personal salvation that are backed up by similar musical accompaniment that their secular counterparts sing but minus all the sex, drugs, parties, and other worldly activities. However, the music industry has made newer developments that tone down they blatant Christian themes.
For instance, consider the following lyrics from the popular artist Jesus Culture;
I can't get enough of you
Cause I am in love with You
And oh how I long for You
Cause I am in love with You

It burns like a blazing fire
Rises like a mighty flame
My greatest desire
To be seated in love by Your name

From these lyrics, it can be tough to associate them with Jesus Christ rather than sex,
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