Fundamentals Software Architecture

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Unit 09 Assignment 2 Fundamentals of Software Architecture Instructor: Ami Tran Student: Cyril Foday-Kailie Table of Content: 1. Introduction of Management Summary 2.0 Scope and Definition 3.0 Overviews for Requirements and Concerns 4.0 General Architectural principles 5.0 Views 6.0 Important Scenarios 7.0 Quality Property Summary 8.0 Need to Know Board 9.0 References/appendices . |Date |Version |Comment | |19th.June 2010 |Draft AD Version 1 Presented by Learner Cyril |AD to be reviewed by Fantasy | | |Foday-Kailie…show more content…
This has been viewed by stakeholders to be a green area of product line that can be principally marketable on the web online. Project Manager of Fantasy Games contracted a consultant architect to design software architecture to reflect the vision and blueprint of the organization in the view of releasing the product within a stipulated timeline as stated by the stakeholders. The new software will replace existing system and will bring to Fantasy Games new employment realities and extension of the product line. In the view of the stakeholders, Fantasy Games is geared to make history in Gaming as a result of user demands for functional change in their current gaming architecture. The new venture will not only open doors for employment but will appeal to newer gamers’ thereby expanding gaming market of Fantasy games The Proposed Software will host a marketing portal and forum for Gamers and will capture private details and context about it customers. The software will reflect functionality and resilience and it will reflect adaptability with upgrades. The Software Architecture should adhere to the dictates and standards of IEEE 1471. Architectural Perspectives Agile software development has steadily gained momentum and acceptability over the decade as a variable approach of software development and it is a favorable perspective to design Fantasy
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