Fundamentals of Database Characteristics and Structure

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In the past, managers would record and enter data manually to the systems. However, there are some organizations that still rely in gathering information and feeding them manually to the systems while maintaining some soft copies and files that are stored according to each department.
Databases are usually designed in a way it can offer organized a good mechanism for storage, and for retrieving information. Consequently, this paper analyzes the fundamentals of the database characteristics and structures, types of medical data records that are relevant to the project being implemented and the importance of uniform terminology, coding and standardization of the data. The paper also analyzes various information standards that are applicable for the project. It sometimes becomes hard for an organization to enter data or information one by one more so when the organization tends to have very large data which needs to be inputted. For example keeping records for patients in hospitals happens to be the most challenge tasks that doctors face. Entering patients information as well as keeping their records is a tiresome job, therefore the best way of doing it much faster is by implementing or developing information systems that will make work easier and quicker (Rob & Coronel, 2002).

Fundamentals of database characteristics…
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