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Key Assignment Project Fundamentals of Database Systems CS251-1202B-03 June 25, 2012 Table of Contents Project Outline 4 Description of the Database Design Life Cycle (Phase 1 IP) 4 Selected Database Description 4 Tablet and Capsule Antibiotics 4 Powder and Liquid Antibiotics 5 Skin and Coat 5 A Listing And Description Of The 7 Steps Of The SDLC/DBDSL and Their Tasks 6 System Requirements Analysis and Feasibility Study 6 System Analysis 7 Code Generation and Design 9 Implementation 9 Testing 9 Maintenance 10 A Description Of The 3 Steps In Database Creation 11 (Including Conceptual, Logical, And Physical Data Modeling) 11 As It Relates To My Selected Database 14 Conceptual Model 14 Logical Model 14…show more content…
A well designed SDLC/DBDSL should result in a proficient system that meets or surpasses a customer anticipations, within time constraints and cost estimations, works successfully and resourcefully in the current and future information technology infrastructure, and is inexpensive to maintain and economical to enhance (Parlin, 2007). This approach is made up of several levels with multiple steps in each: System Requirements Analysis and Feasibility Study The first stage is where the plans for the creation of the Information System are made. The first vital step needed for any system development is system. The system requirement is founded on the type of database and its usage. Analysis as to the specific requirements for the intended database must be clear and concise so that the concentration can be on the system development process. This step is where the strengths and weaknesses of the proposed database are discovered. Discussion of the environment, the resources, the cost, and the general outlook for success are presented. Here, communication between designers and the person or persons wanting the database is crucial. The development team would take the specified requirements and do an analysis of the system. There must be 100 percent agreement on the specifications and requirements before the analysis begins.

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