Fundamentals of Fire Protection Essay

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Fundamentals of Fire Protection

Tragedy in Worcester December 3, 1999

December 3, 1999 is a day that forever changed the Worcester Fire Department. Six career fire fighters died after they became lost in a six-story, maze-like, cold storage and warehouse building. Those lost were, Joseph T. McGuirk, 38; James F. Lyons III, 34; Lt. Thomas E. Spencer, 42; Timothy P. Jackson, 51; Paul A. Brotherton, 41; and Jeremiah M. Lucey, 38. ( May 2002) This research will discuss the importance of operating within the incident command system, the importance of an accountability system, crew integrity, rapid intervention teams and the use of thermal imaging cameras, and operations at
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Two minutes later, Engine 13 reported fire on the second and third floors. IC#1 then ordered lines to be taken to the second and third floors and active firefighting began. At 1831 hours IC#2 arrived and assumed command. He requested a status report from IC#1, who was now on the interior in the role of interior operations. IC#1 reported that heavy fire was burning on the second and third floors.

Crews arriving on the first alarm were split into 2-man crews and were assigned to search the building for victims and fire extension. Serving on one of the crews were Brotherton and Lucey from Rescue 1. All the crews proceeded up the stairwell and observed the other crew from Rescue 1 enter the third floor. Engine 1’s crew, Brotherton and Lucey continued to the roof. Once on the roof, they reported to Interior Command that they were on the roof and had heavy smoke and embers showing. The crew then ventilated a skylight and proceeded down the stair-well to the sixth floor and conducted a search. After searching the sixth floor, they descended to the fifth floor to search for victims. Meanwhile Engine 1’s crew conducted their search on the second floor and the other crew from Rescue 1 searched the third floor. Upon completion of their search, Engine 1’s crew descended the stairwell until
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