Essay on Fundamentals of Marketing Segmentation

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Market segmentation is the selection of groups of people who will be most receptive to a product. The most frequent methods of segmenting include demographic variables such as age, sex, race, income, occupation, education, household status, and geographic location; psychographic variables such as life-style, activities, interests, and opinions; product use patterns; and product benefits. Much segmentation involves combinations of these methods. No matter how segments are defined, however, they are characterized by considerable change over time.

The segmentation of coco-cola can be described as demographic and psychographic because the main consumers of coco-cola are people in the age group of 30 and below. This can be seen by
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We could see that from its advertising: Red bull will recover your energy rapidly after your sporting. Red bull is also advertising to promote their products, however not as hard as coco-cola does. We can see red bulls's advertising from some cars, their own advertising, and televisions etc.

Farmer units products national food like Iced coffee, milk and something else like that. It is targeting middle and old age consumers who care their health much and like to pay for health national drinks though it is not expensive if compare with red bull, but dearer than coco-cola. They are not advertising as hard as coco-cola and red bull does. We only can see their advertising from their own broachers, deli shops etc.

Coco-cola Company produces coke, sprite and other soft drinks. Red bull is a company which produce the energy drinks only. The farmer unions produce the national drinks such as iced coffee, milk, and chocolate milk etc. To contrast the price, coco-cola is the cheapest one, only like 50C per can (375 ml). Most people could afford this price. For farmers union, it is a bit more expensive than coke, but cheaper than Red bull. Its price is 2.86 per liter. The people who like the national drinks and care of their health will pay for it. Red Bull is the most expensive one with the price of 150 per can (250 ml), however it is recognize as energy drink worth people to pay for it.

We can buy both coke and products in deli shop,

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