Funding For Profit Educational Institutions

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Abstract At-risk student groups in the United States of America have increasingly been turning to for-profit educational institutions in the hope of finding a more lucrative career and improving their quality of life. The following study will make use of the abundant research available to describe the recent growth of for-profit educational institutions and identify the student groups who are most affected by this growth. The issues faced by these students and their relationship with for-profit educational institutions will be discussed in detail. The relationship between the federal government and for-profit educational institutions will also be discussed, particularly in respect to federal grants and student loans. The review will conclude with recommendations for the future of for-profit education from the literature and the researcher. An Analysis of the Growth of the For-Profit Educational Institutions in the United States For-profit educational institutions have existed in the United States of America since the colonial period and have provided vocational training for students throughout America’s history. (Morey, 2004). Enrollment at for-profit educational institutions in America has increased dramatically since 1970. In 1970 only 0.2% of college students were enrolled at for-profit educational institutions. In 2011 9.1% of college students were enrolled at for-profit educational institutions. The largest percentage of this growth has taken place
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