Funding For Special Needs Education

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Do you know anyone in your family, a friend, co-worker or even a person at school with learning disabilities? What if I told you, the help that person need to learn better and assist them with their disabilities would be taken away from them. Around the country budgets cut have been made, especially harming the programs for special needs students. The total amount that has been cut cross nation from this program, is ridiculous, $578,892,762 ( Here in Illinois, we have been one of the states that 's been most struck by this budget cut. The has said “over the summer they announced that $42 million cuts... And another cut was announced for 12 million”. Some think the funding for special needs education shouldn’t be raised, however, they should give more funding for special needs education because it will give them more opportunities to advance in higher education, improve their social skills and help them thrive later on in life. Now tell me do you think it is fair to take away money from student who just want to learn? For a start, children with a disability already face so much, and now have to deal with their programs being cut. I know how hard is it for these students, I have a godson who has autism. He struggles everyday with the littlest thing, and yet always want to go to school. Having a disability making everything more challenging with school, work, and
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