Funding Health Care Services

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Funding Health Care Services Name Institutional Affiliation Date: Funding Health Care Services 1. How ambulatory services should be funded Ambulatory services consist of an array of healthcare services offered to inpatients overnight at healthcare organizations. Funding of ambulatory services should be done at urgent care, outpatient clinics, same day surgery, group practices, mental health clinics, community health care units, diagnostic centers, and emergency rooms. In order for ambulatory services to grow, they must be funded tremendously. Its funding must be based on the desire for the government and insurers to control the cost of healthcare (United States, 2005). Additionally, funding should focus on advanced technology, which makes many surgeries and tests were previously conducted at hospital settings, safe to be conducted at freestanding centers and clinics. Expensive specialty equipments should be developed to establish centers for carrying out diagnostic tests in healthcare organizations. Healthcare organizations should develop healthcare centers based on freestanding ambulatory services. Insurers should encourage patients to engage ambulatory services by imposing restrictions on reimbursements and not covering full costs of some processes in inpatient hospital settings. Surgical centers for ambulatory services should be expanded and re-named same-day surgery or outpatient centers to illustrate a shift in procedures that differ from hospitals. Ambulatory

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