Funding In Elections

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American elections have always been supported by private money. These funds have come from the American people, special interest groups, and business. The funding amounts that the last two can give exceed what most Americans can give. As a result, politician frequently find themselves beholden to those who can give the most money—wealthy donors, special interests, and business. This has caused many civic groups and political reformists to advocate public funding of elections. Such public funding is a good idea for three reasons. First, elected officials should represent the best interests of the people. Wealthy donors and special interests may influence the vote of representatives by offering campaign support or threatening to withhold…show more content…
This simply excludes highly qualified people who cannot bear these costs. Incumbents have an immediate advantage because of their time in office. The voters know them, and so do special interests. They have an easier time raising money. Challengers are unknown typically—both in primaries and in the general election. It is harder for them to raise financial support. Public funding would also eliminate this problem. Incumbents and challengers would have equivalent budgets. Both could devote themselves to getting their message out and participating in debates. Fundraising events would not take up their time or their focus. Moreover, public funding would benefit quality people who cannot afford the costs of campaigning. They could participate as candidates and enrich the nation through their service. Public funding for campaigns would give candidates equivalent campaign budgets and access to advertising, would level the playing field during both primaries and the general election. New and talented faces may emerge as a result—faces that cannot currently emerge because of the campaign…show more content…
Such a policy would prevent wealthy interests from buying the loyalty of cash-strapped politicians, would level the playing field among political competitors to avoid the electorate from being overwhelmed by advertising from those candidates with money, and would encourage new and talented people to emerge as leaders in all political parties. Americans who want their votes to count in choosing the nation’s future should support this campaign reform. It is a policy that makes simple democratic
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