Funding for Non-Profit Organizations

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It is for this reason that most frequent discussions in these organizations are about sourcing funds.
As for some nonprofit organizations, lack of volunteers is their biggest worry. To other NPOs who are privileged enough to get volunteers to fund their operations, their problem goes a notch higher to getting commitment from their funders. This aggravates the NPOs problems of paying for their most important expenses such as human resource, infrastructure and utility bills. As a result, this makes it difficult for them to meet the societal expectations leading to suspicion of poor management or worse still embezzlement of funds in the name of alienating poverty. Some NPOs spend the little finances they have in applying for funds. Others spend money trying to attain the thresholds set by the promising funders. This is the general scenario in voluntary organizations but the small organizations are affected the most by financial problems.
Small NPOs often compete with large organizations for funding. This worsens their financial problems even further due to the belief by potential funders that big is better. Funders find it hard to put their financial resources in the small organizations due to fear of mismanagement and reporting on the usage of funds. Again, these fears are attributed to the lack of funds because small organizations are not able to attract…

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