Fundraising Techniques Suggested for the Financial Officials of Nike

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Fundraising Techniques suggested for Nike Financial Officials Perhaps the most important aspect of fundraising that the Nike financial officials must keep in mind is that they will need to sell their brand in order to raise money. All fundraising efforts are based on pure trust of those who want the buyers and donors to not only come and grace the occasion but also donate money. Hence, Nike, being an already established and loved brand must cash in the brand name and equity at any and all of these fundraisers. According to Newman (2011), the ideal funding sources can be broken down into the following categories and percentages: government donations make up less than 40%; individual contributions from fundraisers make up 70% if not more; fees, dues, earned income and events make up 5-10%; small businesses and suppliers make up 5-15%; corporations make up 10%; philanthropists and institutes make up 10%; and, investment income makes up 5% (Newman, 2011). This breakdown is suitable for Nike as well, because it helps them cash in on their brand name by approaching the individuals who use Nike. Furthermore, the support from big corporations must be expected to be less as most of them will probably be Nike's competitors. Furthermore, the philanthropists and institutes will also be lightly relied upon because of the brand image itself being one that is highly successful and profitable. With the spike in the current investments of Nike as well as the somewhat strange buyback of

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