Funeral And Funeral Similarities

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Funerals and weddings have more similarities than most notice; both of them being considered an emotional moment and big marker in everyone’s lives for the family and friends. The environment that is created during the ceremonies hold both happy and sad moments for both of them and make emotions flow over. Even though people often think funerals and weddings are complete opposites one being at the beginning of a new life while one being the end, they actually are similar. Funerals and weddings have more similarities than we realize, in that they are both an emotional time, toasts and speeches are made and spoken to everyone, and they are both expensive in the sense that both are meant to be beautiful. During a funeral there are…show more content…
This speech can lighten the mood; the speaker may tell a funny story of the person to create comic relief. The eulogy will typically share fond memories of the deceased. Following this, the speaker will subsequently reflect on the person's life and how he or she lived life to the absolute fullest. The speech is a way to describe the person's life and elucidate his or her true nature for those in attendance. Likewise, at a wedding a groomsmen or a bridesmaid will prepare a speech that describes the bride or groom. The groomsmen or bridesmaid may start off with a humorous story. He or she will share stories of the bride’s past or of the groom’s past to show how the two came together. This speech acts as a reflection on how greatly the bride or the groom is loved. In a funeral as well as in a wedding the speech is a way to compliment the person and for the person’s loved ones to show how loved the person is. A funeral can be very expensive, as even death has been turned into a business. Some of the greatest expenses can result from the flowers, the venue, and the clothes needed for the deceased person. For a funeral, flowers are bought to decorate the venue, but the cost of flowers can often exceed to a very high price. The venue where the funeral is held can cost thousands of dollars as well. The outfit that is needed for the deceased person can be exorbitant. Overall a funeral can
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