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In the article “The Death of a Funeral Business”, technology is a very prominent and recurring topic. Throughout the whole text, Hingston discusses the impact of technology. She states, “Facebook allows Timelines for the dead to stay open so messages can be sent across the great divide” (Hingston, 44). By replacing regular traditional funeral activities to memorial websites for the deceased, technology has been shaping the way we go about funerals more throughout the years. One of the reasons Hingston keeps incorporating the idea of technology is to keep the audience intrigued in the writing, as well as show the trend of using technology in memorials. According to the Pew Research Center, in January of 2014, the age group that uses technology the most is 18-29 year olds. Teens and young adults are the predominant users of social media so the topic of technology draws in their attention to the article and the idea of…show more content…
We’ll discover new truths about our interconnectedness; we’ll touch base with long-lost family and friends. Our deaths will be woven into the twinkling reaches of the cyber-universe, spinning there forever with all the vast pictorial and textual clutter of our births, our education, our courtships, our likes and dislikes, far beyond the limitations of time and space (44). Along with most things, technology has been affecting the funeral business in many ways. During traditional funerals, technology is rarely used, but modern day funerals have been incorporating videos and picture slides to pay tribute to many of the places, family portraits, and events that the deceased has experienced. Hingston adds, “When I die just show clips of me and shut the f up. -Tweet from comedian Albert Brooks, 2013” (39). In some cases, a traditional funeral may be too boring and sad for people, so when they die, they want a fun or entertaining funeral, like a celebration of the life they’ve
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