Funeral Director Research Paper

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A funeral director is of best help to the relatives and friends of a deceased person, who assists in preparing the body, planning transport of the body to burial/cremation venue and in planning the ceremony. They must possess different positive traits like people management and administration skills, composure and willingness to work long, odd hours. He or she is also available on call 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

A funeral director appears to the relatives of a deceased person as a helping hand, who would look into the matters of preparing the body, embalming, dressing and casketing. He/she would also look into the matters of arranging flowers, transporting body to the funeral site and making arrangements for funeral ceremony. He or she tries to calm down people at grief, while not losing his or her composure.
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People choose one from within the city. People usually choose based on feedback by people who have observed the service in the past. Hiring the right one is an important decision for the relatives and friends. Detailed arrangements for all the different aspects of funeral, from preparing and transporting body to the funeral site to making arrangements for funeral service/ceremony are made easier with professional assistance. They also meet with close relatives and friends of the deceased, to make final plans for the funeral. One also extends support at the time of grief and sorrow, while not losing his/her composure, even under emotionally overwhelming
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