Funeral Protest Pro/Con - You May Not Like It but the Alternative Is Worse

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Funeral Protests Pro/Con
You May Not Like it, But the Alternative is Worse. Funeral protests have been an issue for years. During this most recent war, as soldiers were coming home to be laid to rest, Westboro Baptist Church made headlines by protesting at the funerals of fallen soldiers. During the services, members of the church would gather outside of many of the military funerals waving signs that had offensive messages on them such as, “God Hates You”, and “Thank God for Dead Soldiers”. The members of this church believe that the death of the soldiers is God’s punishment for the tolerance of homosexuality in the United States. Last year the U.S, Supreme Court ruled that the First Amendment protects these groups and any others who
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One may think that by protesting at a funeral that this may come into play, but the protesters themselves know the law, they are not saying to take up arms and cause harm, they are making a statement that they believe is, “God is punishing the deceased because he fought for a country that tolerates homosexuals.” This may cause those attending the funeral to use fighting words, and I think the protesters would gladly use this to their advantage. Symbolic expression involves no words, just a nod of the head, or even quietly standing in front of a tree that is about to be cut down is a symbolic expression. These however are not against the law, if it were, one may be able to state that just by being at the funeral as a protestor, you were breaking the law. It seems that the only time this law truly came into effect was when people burned draft cards in the 60’s. Those whose families have to endure these protests must surely suffer great emotional distress. I can only imagine how it feels to lose a family member to war and then, to have the funeral, an already stressful day, invaded by strangers waving spiteful signs, making cruel statements. It is no wonder that one of these families decided to sue the organizers who protested his sons funeral; Westboro Baptist Church, for emotional distress and won the case. However after the case was presented to the Supreme
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