Funeral's Funeral

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On monday I attended his funeral. This was the hardest day in my entire life, I had lost my favorite person and had to sit in a cold, hard chair, and watch his casket lower into the ground. He had a beautiful air force ceremony, with the folding of the flag, and farewell son played on the trumpet. Hot tears streamed down my face as I realized I would never hear his voice again, smell his strong Aramis cologne, or be able to give him one last hug. No longer will I get to see him pull up to my house in his cherry red Jaguar, or hear is over exaggerated stories at christmas. I will never be able to cuddle up to him while eating his beloved spice drops and watching PGA tour, as the burning fire embers die down. I will always keep my memories of him close to my heart and remember his best days. Living a life without my grumppop will be one of the hardest journeys I will have to go through but because I live in the moment and try to remember every single detail of our lives together, I know that he will always be with me. How I remember all my experiences so vividly because I lived in the moment with him.I made sure that i wasn't always on my phone when I was around him and made sure I was never distracted so that I could give all my time to him. I know now more than ever that living in the moment is so important because now those memories i had with him, are all that I have left and I will never be able to experience them again. LBI is is an 18 mile island in New Jersey.
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