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America has often been called “The Land of the Free”, where opportunities are like the

bounteous fish caught at sea; the catch may be large or small, may come sooner or later. Just as the

Gold Rush prompted for many miners to come about, the promising opportunities have prompted for

immigrants to pour into in America. Although this chance for a new beginning has vastly beckoned

immigrants, there are sacrifices immigrants must make along with newfound chances. Succumbing to

social alienation is one of the sacrifices that immigrants must make. In the memoir,
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Nobody wanted to hire an Iranian.”(Dumas 117.) Coinciding with the urgency of

unemployment due to societal prejudices, Djuro J. Vrga’s views on the matter are quite blunt, “ An

immigrant must make two kinds of adjustments: (1) to his own ethnic group, and (2) to the larger

society.” (Vrga 239.) Without restriction to the Iranian Revolution, Dumas’ experience and Vrga’s

analogy reveal a now unearthed concept that social alienation is composed of both a minority

and a versing majority.

All throughout her life, Firoozeh Dumas was forced to contend to a traditional upbringing

contrary to the contemporary surroundings she lived in. These two opposing factors were the necessary

ingredients creating the recipe for social alienation, whereas if Dumas were not Iranian and born purely

American there would be a missing ingredient. Even in marital matters, Dumas faced the same kind of

discouraging social issues, “ Francois and I had agreed that we would be married both in the Catholic

Church and in a traditional Persian ceremony. The tough part was finding a Catholic priest who would

be willing to officiate at a mixed marriage.” (Dumas 145-146.) The interracial circumstances binding the

wedding like a serpent does its prey, Firoozeh Dumas consistently meets with American shortcomings.

In 1977, Washington, D.C., Iranians were invited to welcome the Shah, or Iranian leader, who was

scheduled to meet Jimmy Carter, a newly

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