Fur Of The Fashion Industry

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Fur in the Fashion Industry What are the debates surrounding the use of animal furs in the fashion textile industry? When the learner was a little girl, she loved animal books and grew up reading the stories about Three Little Bears, Three Little Pigs, Little Red Riding Hood and fell in love with all these stories. Most notably there has always appeared to be a good guy and a villain and so as the learner grew she would always fight on the side of the underdog; with this in mind, the older the learner became her love for animals and fashion also grew by leaps and bounds. To date, the learner has started noticing how designers are using animals to make luxury coats, jackets, hats, gloves, shoes, and boots. Many animals are being killed and are being driven to extinction because of this outlandish idea to make fur products. In the learner’s opinion it is not necessary to use animal skins and furs to create fashions. How can the loss of an animals’ life to create a luxury product ever be ethical? This paper will address research surrounding recent controversy in the use of fur in clothing, ethical implications, and the cruelty inflicted upon the animals by their captors. The debate surrounding the use of animal products within the fashion textiles industry has been a significant topic for a number of years; therefore, the line has been drawn in the sand and now more than ever it is important to choose the life of innocent animals over the mass production of the
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