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Furmanite Service Company—A Multiple-Close Sequence by : Eric Eka Putra 0131141071 Nickolas Tunggara 0131141181 Vicky Adityas 0131141279 1. Let me summarize what we have talked about. You have said that you like the money you will save by doing the repairs. You also like our response time in saving the flanges so that they can be rebuilt when needed. Finally, you like our three-year warranty on service. ---- Summary of benefits Close Is that right? ---- Trial Close Gary, I suggest we get a crew in here and start repairing the leaks. What time do you want the crew here Monday? ---- Assumptive Close Gary, it's very reliable.I did the same service for Mobil Chemical last year and we have notbeen back for warranty work.…show more content…
When would you like to have the work done? If we wait too long, it will be difficult to getthe repair crew here in the next two months.---- Standing Room Close No problem at all Gary; I appreciate your time, and I will return on the fith of the next month to set a time for a crew to start ---- Assumptive Close and Leaving positive notes 2. Chris sangat antusias dimana dengan tingkat ambisius dan juga tingkat kepercayaan diri yang di miliki Chris dapat membuat semua costumer terpikat dengan perkataan dia. Closing sequence yang dilakukan Chris amatlah baik dimana dia selalu menyakinkan Gary ketika Gary tidak dapat melakukan decision yang harus di ambil. Hal ini membuat Gary menunda-nunda decision untuk tidak sepakat atau bisa di bilang tidak mau menggunakan produk Chris. Tapi dari closing sequence yang dilakukan oleh Chris dapat membuat costumer tidak senang juga, karena Chris sedikit memaksakan dan membuat costumer menjadi tidak-enakan. Bisa saja costumer jadi tidak ingin menggunakan produk Chris karena pemaksaan dan selalu menanya Gary kapan bisa memasang produk dia. 3. No, Chris doen’t have to closed again. Because all what Chris said is enough, and he can do it again whe he meet Gary next month. 4. Chris could use the Technology Close method. He can show Gary the past purchases and sales trends of Chris’s company product.Then he can call up what he recommended purchase suggestion and show payment schedules considering

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