Furry Animal Shelter

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Goals are the broad, long-term accomplishments an organization wishes to attain. (Nickels, McHugh & McHugh, 2015, p.196). As a sole proprietor I must set my organization’s goals to have a clear idea of the desirable outcomes and maintain the success of my animal shelter in the years ago. As a sole proprietor I’m faced with some challenges such as unlimited liability and a higher risk for loss. Also, I will have limited financial resources to keep my organization going, to avoid the lack of funding Furry Animal Shelter has to actively pursue more grants to cover the basic costs of an animal shelter plus the staff and I need to recruit qualified employees to help run the shelter. My number one goal for the shelter is to improve the quality of care of animals, I will do this by having a small clinic inside the shelter that focus on maintaining accurate medical record and provide medical care. This clinic will provide care to the dogs and cats that become shelter’s property with standard vaccinations, grooming, microchip, flea treatment, etc. Also, I will have staff that will clean cat condos, dos kennels, they will also do laundry and provide animals with clean blankets every day. Volunteers on the…show more content…
I will do this by providing my staff customer service training, especially for the front desk staff. The first thing a potential adopter will encounter is the front desk, this first impression is one of the most important because it will determine if a potential adopter will adopt from that shelter. From what I have seen in other animal shelters, the front desk staff is always very aware of their surroundings, even if they are focus in other activities, they will acknowledge a person from the moment they walk in the door. Also, they need to provide all the information a potential adopter may need. If a potential adopter feels comfortable with the staff, the chances of
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