Furry Invader Research Paper

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The Furry Invaders

I have a pampered life. Ear rubs, walks, treats, and even the most giant bed you have ever seen in your life! I even get the highest quality dog food available! I, of course, thank my amazing owners for this life. They constantly pet me and play games like tug of war with me (even though I always win). But of course all these great things come with, well, not so great things. For starters I have to live with a complete doof! His name is Tyson. He is a fawn boxer, with absolutely no intellect at all. He chases shadows to the point of exhaustion and is a complete scaredy cat, yet he gets just as much lovers from my owners as I do, it’s just not fair! But of course I’m stuck with him, so I at least try to play with him,
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