Furthermore, Supporters Also Felt That This Incident Could

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Furthermore, supporters also felt that this incident could be handled differently and that justice was not served. For instance, the President of the National Action Network, Rev. Shane Harris, explained that Olango’s incident is a “‘representative of what we’ve seen around the country. Olango was attacked and not given the opportunity to live. Alfred was not mentally ill nor was he unstable’” (Perry 2016). Due to the incident of Olango and the outcome, protestors responded in anger during demonstrations and the residents of El Cajon became worried about law enforcement training lack the techniques and skills used to work with people with people with mental-health issues (Perry 2016). On the other hand, mayor Bill Wells was able to comfort…show more content…
Not only does Olango’s incident have affected the American society, but it has also had an tempestuous impact on the lives’ of individuals nationally. Norma Chavez-Peterson, the executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union chapter in San Diego and Imperial counties, was disturbed by Olango’s incident and she issued an explanation saying that “the videos raise disturbing if sadly familiar questions about how police respond to crisis calls involving people of color in general and people of color with disabilities in particular” (Perry 2016). Hence, supporters became fearful by the outcome of the incident and they were different to support Olango’s parents and family during their grievance. Local officials, including Police Chief Jeff Davis had decided to release the video of Olango’s incident by hoping that supporters and residents would avoid impeding on the streets (Perry 2016). Unfortunately, that was not the case, instead, local religious and African American community leaders, marched on a Saturday and by midnight there was fight (Perry 2016). Law Enforcement was also being told that someone was intended to go and get a gun and by then officers had to declare the demonstration as an illicit activity (Perry 2016). As a result, some chose to leave and others found it difficult and most were arrested on misdemeanor
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