Fury Road Essay

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In an ideal future, most people would expect to see a world devoid of sickness, disabilities, violence, and terror; but what if the more realistic future holds all of these things to be the norm? What culture would then arise from the ashes of this new wasteland society, where people survive off the misfortune of others and the human body is a degenerate vessel for lost souls? Mad Max: Fury Road encapsulates every aspect of this future with all of the explosions and car chases of a classy action film and then some; for many, it stands as a masterly produced action thriller, but for me, the cultural implications, disabled heroes, and purposeful desexualization of female characters in the film prove that Fury Road is about so much more than simply…show more content…
The fantasy/sci-fi film was directed by George Miller and received praise from many critics, and has been nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Picture and Best Director. The basic plot revolves around two characters, Furiosa (Charlize Theron) and Max (Tom Hardy), who join forces to help five women escape from the tyrant, Immortan Joe. Along the way, Furiosa and Max not only have to keep the girls alive, but also each other and outrace the army that follows them in order to make it to the Green Place, a haven of sorts where Furiosa was born. However, when the group finally reaches the Green Place, there is nothing but ruin to be found and so begins the epic climactic battle between the escapees and Immortan Joe’s army. There are so many unique aspects to the plot alone that detach this film from most of the action film genre, but what adds to the significance of Fury Road is the overwhelming presence of disabilities, and how these disabilities are treated within the context of the film. The world itself projects a new culture where everyone is disabled and everyone is enslaved in some way. Yet, despite what our society would deem of these circumstances, this new culture is not a despairing one for no character falls victim to their disability, and those who would be expected to resign to abuse are the very heroes of their own
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