Future Benefits And Market Segmentation Strategies

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1.Executive Summary

Fishtale is a cafe in Warrnambool that has created a unique concept comprising of food products. The plan that follows explains the future benefits and market segmentation strategies. The detailed marketing proposal provides a clear recommendation of increasing sales and enhance cafe’s growth. By utilising this approach the cafe will be able to find a success spot in the market for quality foods and services..
The overall purpose of this marketing plan is ensure the sustainability of the cafe and increase the sales by 20% for the next six months December onward . On this moment of moderating its business, Fishtales cafe has an unique opportunity to increase its current market share with the purpose of making high
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Sign up 500 Members for the website

Developing a proper online website including all the customer friendly features such as online takeaway ordering system, table booking ,delivering, product and service information guide, location, functions , special events and many more future promotions would be the second objective of this report.this relevant strategy will be launched by December 2014 and will count 500 members sign up withing consecutive six months.

Theme functions and events.

Create the efficiency and transforming the business by developing an effective function and events program. Transforming the business in to a new direction by creating new the functions and event management for the purpose of increasing the sales potential up to 20% through out the next six months from the 1 st of December 2014.

Delivery service

Start up a free food delivery service withing 10 kilometers from the cafe location.the estimate delivery time would be starting 8 am to 8pm all day. The delivering strategy is knock the customers door with in 25 minutes to deliver the particular order.

Community funding program

Create a society friendly image within Fishatales cafe by funding $300 dollars each month for the local charity activities and
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