Future Challenges For Seniors

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Senior year for more people is the year when we finalized our future paths and enjoy the last year before we take the next step towards being successful adults. Over the past few years Geneva High School has awarded their students by removing the May final from their agenda. Just recently the rule has shifted over and seniors are now required to complete the May final before graduation. This becomes an issue for two sides of the story as it becomes inconvenient for teachers as they have to recreate a final separate for seniors, and students get to add on to their busy and stressful lives to study for yet another exam before graduating. Now I’m not saying that finals are a bad thing and they should be removed permanently. They have their…show more content…
When the school board decides to change the rhythm of how the teacher teaches the class then things become inefficient. 2018 will be the first year when seniors will take the final exam and it will be the first-time teachers will have to write a different and short final for their students. According to Mrs. Arnett, teaching a class that just became a class, makes things hard for the teacher because they are learning at the same time the students do, which makes things run slower and puts people behind schedule. Inconvenience is just half of the pie, relating to the teachers. Now it time to add the emotional side of the story, which comes from the students’ perspective.
We discussed earlier that implementing the “seniors must take senior finals” rule on such short notice is inconvenient for teachers. Now we will take a turn and look at the students’ point of view. We seniors already have enough stress in our lives, relating to college, AP exams, and in some cases money. We believed that to reduce some of the stress, Geneva High School has decided to award us the waiver for senior finals. After this ruling, we seniors have been angered since the students for years prior to us have had no worry about the May finals. We have been betrayed in a way because we were “promised” by teachers and students older than us that senior year will be easy, and finals are taken once. Now we have
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