Future Challenges for Healthcare Management

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Future Challenges for Health Care Management The scope of health care management encompasses administrating how services get delivered to patients, persons delivering services, locations to which services get delivered, and the financing of all involved procedures. In these, institutions like nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, public hospitals, and private clinics get involved. At the same time, groups of service providers and associations play instrumental roles in controlling the quality of services and procedures of implementation (Gururajan, 2012). Thus, health care management encompasses the organization and administration of individual physicians, associations, involved institutions, and control of funds. Quintessentially, the…show more content…
Besides training more physicians, health care systems must increase alternatives like home based care and outpatient services to cater for these rising populations (Gururajan, 2012). In conclusion, health care management concerns the administration and management of facilities, human resources, and delivery procedures in the health sector. These are carried out in nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, public hospitals, and private clinics. The future challenges for health care management include securing adequate finances for health care operations, training adequate human resources, managing an increasingly aging population of patients, and controlling emerging chronic diseases. References Benington, J. (2014). Leadership for healthcare management. Bristol: Policy Press Publications. Gururajan, R. (2012). Biomedical knowledge management: Infrastructures and processes for e-health systems. Hershey: Medical Information Science Reference. O'Connor, S. (2011). Strategic human resources management in health services organizations. Clifton Park: Delmar Cengage Learning. Rigolosi, M. (2013). Management and leadership in nursing and health care: An experiential approach. New York: Springer Publishing. Spiegel, A. (2014). Risk management in health care institutions. Sudbury, Mass: Jones and Bartlett Publishers. Stauffacher,
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