Future Consideration For Employer Based Health Insurance

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Future Consideration for Employer-Based Health Insurance
Speculation about the future of employer-based health coverage began in earnest with the passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as Obamacare. Critics of the federal subsidy, designed to provide working, uninsured Americans with the to purchase “affordable” health insurance believe this may have presented employers with the unprecedented opportunity to cancel group plans and refer employees to health exchanges, while proponents of the ACA continue to disagree and believe that Obamacare is the necessary precursor that will enable the government to eventually assume total control of the U.S. healthcare industry.
The ACA and Employer-Based Coverage
The ACA “makes health insurance more secure and reliable for Americans who have it, makes coverage more affordable for families and small business owners, and brings down skyrocketing healthcare costs that have put a strain on individuals, families, employers, and our Federal budget” ("Obamacare Facts", n.d.) by the establishment of laws which govern how healthcare. Under the ACA, provisions regarding enhanced protections for individuals who already had insurance such as dependent coverage, women’s health care, and pre-existing conditions were phased in prior to the full enactment of the ACA. The ACA established the framework for nationalized health insurance which was available for individuals without access to group plans to purchase individual plans at
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