Future Emergencies Essay

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Future Emergencies This short story was written in 2002, a year after 9/11. So the setting is the post 9/11 America contributing the sense of uncertainty and insecurity of America’s future and the fear of changes in American people’s lives. The female narrator She isn’t given a name, probably she’s used to represent ordinary Americans whose pleasant, enjoyable lives have been afflicted by 9/11 attacks, becoming frightened, anxious and longing for their past ways of life. Before the incident, she says she have always dated many men, then she meets Victor who is older, strong, intellectual and she knows that she can rely on his permanent shape. She finds Victor’s dark humor about the medieval age, or his love of penal things and conflicts…show more content…
Victor He’s a French professor who is passionate about the dark age of extreme contrasts and violent conflicts, he dislikes a system rejecting all conflicts and forcing people to a stable average. He is remote from American sense and he embodies all things that America doesn’t need at that time, America needs peace and security, not friction. There seems to be 3 Victors; the intellectual, the gentle and the foreign Victors suggesting the uncertainty, again, it doesn’t sound pleasurable to his partner, the Americans. One more thing, he admits that the relationship with her is likely the stable average that he’s so critical, and that the narrator has been living for 5 years with the person who goes against everything America needs, who is opposed to what she needs, it’s not unusual having a thought to leave him and run for someone her own age, who shares empathy toward the great loss with her. However, she decides to be with him eventually, and I’ll explain why later. Photographs They reflect the gloomy sense hovering all over the Americans, they provide same feeling of sorrow, but there is a difference between the two photographers who took them. Walker Evans took grim and hopeless people with detachment; he felt sorry, I believe, for those poor people but he didn’t put his compassion into his works to show the cold clarity, to show the plain and ugly truth and let the viewers
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