Future For Marketers With Social Media

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Future for Marketers With Social Media
The most effective way to get future marketers ready for use of social media in the workplace is to teach them in their schools what kinds of things they will see on a daily basis when marketing through social media. According to the article “A Social Media Practicum,” the author talks about how at Drexel University, they have started a practicum for marketing students to take. This practicum puts the students in real life situations, and how to be prepared for the daily tasks of their future careers. “Marketing educators have been creating effective learning experiences to enhance students’ social media competency, such as individual or group assignments in networking on LinkedIn, communicating on Twitter, marketing on YouTube, applying a social engagement strategy, and managing a personal brand on social media.” This seems to be an effective way to get these students prepared. Also in the article, they talked about how “Participants become competent in running social media campaigns. In the first year of the practicum, 140 marketing students in 36 teams participated.” It seems that this has far been a success for this school because the business students want to get involved and know how to connect to as many people as possible.
As you can probably guess, companies are going to have to adapt to the needs and wants of consumers. The main brand trying to use social media to its advantage is Coca-Cola. According to the “Branding”…
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