Future Goals Analysis

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Future Goals:
In the fall of 2017 I will be attending Lycoming College. I am currently undecided on what I will be majoring in but, I do know one thing. I want to travel. I want to see all that the world has to offer and see every corner of the globe possible. Thankfully, my college has a very nice study abroad program and they have an organization that is called Habitat for Humanity that takes many trips throughout the year. Even though that I am going into college undecided I do have some choices in mind for my career one of them being Political Science. With my political science degree I could become a political advocate for a community or cause.
I am currently terrified that I will not find the career that fits me. I have so many options ahead for me, but I can not seem to find the right fit. I want to travel and be able to help people but a lot of the jobs pertaining to humanities do not always have the greatest salaries. What happens if I can not find a job with both a good salary and the humanities aspect I am looking for? Also, with entering college my second fear was realized, what if I can not make any friends? One of the biggest ones I have for college is being able to make new friends. I have such a tight-knit group of
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I will be very well traveled and working one on one with the people I am helping. My dream is to one day get an old large white farm house with a barn in the backyard and a weeping willow tree in the front yard. I would use the old barn to open up my own kennel for dogs. I hope one day to open my own rescue and keep them close enough to me that I would be able to help them if I had a dog with medical issues. I also hope to have (maybe) started a family by this point in my life. I think maybe (if my partner agrees) I will adopt a child instead of having my own. In 20 years I just want to see myself happy, and fulfilling my dreams to the
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