Future Human Space Exploration And Operations

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Asteroids will provide the means to transform future human space exploration and operations in to large scale activities. They will first provide a rich source of minerals and material for initial economic expansion and concurrently providing platforms for operations and manufacturing. Eventually, asteroids could be used as space vehicles to move humans across and possibly beyond the solar system effectively becoming mobile bases of operations and even space colonies. The only significant limitations for this future growth are technological capability and legal ambiguity for large scale human space activity. For any space activity to overcome its limitations and get off the ground, the activity must generate a great deal of interest.
Asteroids have long been of high interest to the scientific community to help answer many early solar system mysteries. However, industrialists such as Deep Space Industries have taken an interest in these objects as well1. They are already creating companies to attempt mining some of these objects. Upon close inspection the composition of asteroids relative to Earth something amazing appears. Asteroids contain as much or orders of magnitude more than the Earth critical materials needed to create a thriving economy2. This explains the interest in space industrialists particularly when considering our current capability for creating spacecraft.
Current space launches can be prohibitively expensive and dangerous. The cost per pound has always been
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