Future Of 3 Dimensional Printing

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Future of 3-Dimensional Printing

Lets first define 3D printing:

In simple words, the technology that allows you to create a 3-Dimensional object is known as 3 D printing. Now, this object can be designed by a number of processes, one of which is to add layers one on top of the other and molding the object to the shape you desire. The device used for this is commonly known as the 3D printer. The coolest thing about 3D printer is it can print another 3D printer. How cool does that sound? Technology is at its pinnacle now and with the evolution of 3D printing life is going to be much easier and fast paced. 3D printers have an advantage of modeling any size an shape objects with minimum tools. This technology evolved back in 1980’s
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“Standard Tessellation Language“ is the most common extension used to load the images the design to the 3D printer. Once the design is loaded into the printer, it now molds the object by utilizing the plastic or rubber, and first makes layers. This additive process of successive layers will lead to the object you desired. It is that easy to print 3D objects.

Pros of 3D Technology:

With a lot of hype around 3D printing, lets see what makes it a disruptive technology.

• Cost Efficient Technology: It is proven from studies that large-scale companies have already started using 3D printing technology over their conventional manufacturing because 3D printing of their products turned out to be relatively cheaper. This makes sense because why would someone go to a store to buy something when he can print it by himself at his own home.

• Minimal waste: Think about manufacturing of plastic toys or metal objects. Research has found that up to 80% of the materials used in the process are wasted. This definitely is not efficient use of resources. On the contrary, 3D printers not only efficiently make use of materials but also are 50% lighter to their counterparts.

• Less time taken: Lets take a very simple example. A small remote controlled toy car. It takes anywhere between 2-3days to produce a fully functional remote controlled toy car. With 3D printing, this can
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