Future Of A New Business

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Future of Business in Michigan
Detroit is known as the Motor City of the United States of America. Its economy was largely depends on the auto industry prior to the declining of the industry in 2008. Now the industry is revitalizing as well as other small to medium business are popping up in Detroit. The city has taken several improvement projects to support the entry of new business. If the city could able to complete the projects with respect to infrastructure, business and social environment and labour market, Detroit will definitely become an important place for successful future businesses (Woods, 2013). Detroit city business owners are optimistic about Detroit future business climate and their perceptions have
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In these areas we also have the adequate and attractive natural resources and multicultural, diverse and friendly environment.
Possible Considerations for Future Business Growth
Detroit City has embraced various considerations for future business growth in the city. Since the city is expected to provide additional job opportunities in the area, then it is important to come up with various considerations for future business growth. Detroit future city has a strategic planning organization that has always been affiliated with the business development and the growth. The organization has a new board of directors and is currently finding new ways of doing business in the city. The Detroit future city has a highly detailed and long term guide to help the business owners and the investors to reaching their goals in the city. Detroit future city (DFC), a non-profit organization is integrating technical recommendations from experts in economic developments and land use with experienced local leaders (Razzaq, 2015). A handful number of new businesses have already started their business due to the government initiation and incentives. The Detroit Regional Chamber, a premier business development is dedicated to improving the economy of south west Michigan (detroitchamber.com, no date ). It helps the entrepreneurs in site selection, market research and workforce analysis, financing and access to supply chain for the materials to attract the
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