Future Of Foreign State Regulation And Economics Essay

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Future of FDI in Canada in oil and gas sector The future of government regulation and Economics Even though Canadian government is showing protective approach presently because of several factors that have affected the land, and has taken the country 's wealth to another country. But some believe that because of the foreign investment the wealth of the country has increased, and this has contributed to the overall development of the Canada and the world. Today, there is so much investment done and this looks like it is going to increase in future, and this has shown sign of rejection from the country’s environmentalists because it is taking away the natural resources and polluting the environment. Even though the nation has been benefited, there is contrary feeling towards it. There is different opinions and people are worried about the long run benefits or effects (Avery, Glossop, & Olexiuk, 2013). On the other hand, the government is taking steps to make sure that too much power or all assets are not handled by foreign companies. But some economists believe the rules and regulations of the government in the past has benefited and supported foreign firms rather than domestic firms because they were trying to cut down the expenses and increase profit in the form of tax. So, the Gray report puts forward the following policy which suggests Canadians to exercise high command over the business and environment, increase the profit and reduce the harm of foreign direct
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