Future President: Should The Government Fund NASA

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Hi, future President. There are many ways that America is going to remain great and things that you will do will help ensure that we become even greater than we already are. One way I believe that we can make America even greater is through extensive investment in our space industry, both in the public sector and in the private sector, including government contracts with companies like SpaceX and Boeing. I believe that we should raise the NASA budget while also working with private companies to expedite our mission to Mars. Ensuring that NASA has the funding they need to get us to Mars and increase our presence in space is of great importance. Funding NASA does so many good things for us and people everywhere can appreciate how much it helps us.…show more content…
There are also many tangible benefits. Investment in space exploration results in new technologies that help people everyday, such as medical technologies. This can even include relatively mundane things, like cordless power drills, a by-product of the Apollo missions. Every dollar invested in NASA has yielded an economic return of $12. Not only does investment in space help people in our daily lives, but it also helps our national defense. Having a commanding presence in space helps keep us safe from adversaries through the use of satellites and other technological advancements. This has the nice effect of bolstering our military with unrivaled technological achievement, so it can also be seen as investment in our military, one of your campaign promises. I know if anyone can get action done on this, it's you. I hope you consider this when you submit your budget to Congress each
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