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There is no uniformed look when trying to pick out an American in a group of people. America is a diverse place with diverse people and the English language is our universal connector. So why is it that when people who don’t “look American” speak English no one cares to listen? Being in the Korean Culture Club (KCC) and the Future Teacher Learning Community (FTLC) has showed me that no matter what appearance we may show our true communication is in how we speak through education, participation, expression, and performance.
The KCC and the FTLC are two communities that in that both involve learning and teaching. When I first started the KCC they told us that the first step to connecting with the people is to learn they speak. Just like starting any new language getting to know the alphabet is the first step we took. The KCC has bi-weekly teaching sessions over the Korean language and sentence structure. The FTLC is a community specifically made for teachers by teachers to help lead future teachers down the right path. The FTLC has regular meeting to help keep students
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When it comes to the Korean culture, society as a whole expresses itself on a different scale than the FTLC. Korean people are generally more conservative the most Americans they don’t really show any form of public affection, so when learning the social norms this comes to play. Korea’s society is based on Confucianism, which means respecting elders plays a huge part of society that everyone participates in no matter the age. The FTLC however is different, their way of expressing has more to do on how they speak and present themselves. Teachers are seen as role models so keeping up the professional appearance is one of the main priorities. Since I want to be an elementary teacher, I have to learn how to make class fun and engaging by using many motions and
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