Future of Earth

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1) How fast is the human population increasing according to the video (there is more than one correct answer)? More than 2 people every second 2) What is (or could be) the greatest threat to the planet according to the video? Humans or ourselves 3) How many people were living on the planet at the time that Sir David Attenborough was born? Just under 2 billion people 4) What is the name of the group that Sir David Attenborough supports and what is its main focus? The Optimum Population Trust. Their main focus is to reduce birth rates 5) For how long has every human birth and death on the planet has been reliably recorded, and where are those data kept? For the last 60 years. It is kept in New York City at the United Nations…show more content…
Norman Borlaug, Noble Peace Prize 18) Which countries seem to be more active in attempting to lease farmland abroad in order to increase food supply for their populations? China, Saudi Arabia, and Britian 19) According to Sir Attenborough there are only 3 ways to reduce humanity's impact on Earth. List them here. Stop consuming so many resources, change our technology, and we can reduce the growth of our population 20) In which year did China introduce its One Child policy?1979 21) How did the Indian government tried to achieve a reduction in population in the 70s? They offered vasectomies to people in return for small incentives. They then introduced the emergency program to sterilize people 22) What seems to be a viable way to reduce human population, as exemplified in the video when discussing the state of the population in the South West of India? Education and smaller families 23) What is the opinion on contraception presented in the video? It is a crucial technology for the sustainability of the planet. They believe it is a basic right to have access to contraception. 24) Dr. Valente Susa is working in Mexico City to help solve its water problems. Which is the solution that he proposes to adopt? They have to reestablish the hydrological cycle in order to get rain. He wants to protect the remaining
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