Future of Jit

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Future of JIT

If we really look internationally then we can very well judge that behind all MNC's success there is a just a smart management which have used tactics like JIT, and now we can see the difference just note if you can recall any 1 Pakistani international brand? We all will answer no, and the main reason implementing policies like this will make us compete in international market.

Mr. Sajid Ali, managing director BASF, says if we closely focus on JIT it basically eliminates some wastes like

Waste from Overproduction Waste of waiting/idle time
Transportation Waste Inventory Waste
Processing Waste Waste of Motion
Waste from Product Defects

He says, " Despite plant shutdowns caused by parts being
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The materials and parts are for the current-day's production. A Dana Corp. plant in Stockton, Calif., that supplies frames to NUMMI also shut down, and Honda of America Manufacturing Inc. temporarily idled several plants in Ohio and Canada as a direct result of the port closures and alleged slowdown.

Joyce L. Gioia, a consultant and business futurist with The Herman Group, Greensboro, N.C., says the port labor dispute is an example of one of many challenges JIT will face in the future. "The future of JIT is still bright. However, we are being faced with an ever-increasing number of wildcards -- events that seem to come out of left field," No one had given serious consideration of the events happening and their consequences before they happened." But it is very clear that in Pakistan we have to be ready for all these of situations before properly implementing JIT. Other JIT wild cards for Pakistan in future would might include terrorist threats and attacks, which could close borders; economic crises overseas, which could paralyze banking systems; and, as always, weather disasters or natural disaster like the few months back Earthquake.

Haji Mohd Hanif, procurement head of GSK says, "A buyer might take out an 'insurance policy' in the form of a contract with the alternate supplier that would only take effect when needed. At other times, the user
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