Future of Modernization

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Future of Modernization William Watkins SOC / 120 January 22, 2012 Brenda Miller As we begin to ponder the future of modernization, and the possible consequences that are apt to occur, perhaps we should first revisit the definition of modernization. To this end we can start by saying that modernization is thought of as a concept that states that the development of societies can be considered as a standard evolutionary pattern that has a tendency to stimulate growth. It can also be considered as the concept that refers to the process where society goes through several stages, including industrialization, urbanization, and various other social changes, that tend to completely transform the lives of individuals. One must first…show more content…
There are many undeveloped locations around the world that are becoming ripe for modernization and it is inevitable that they will experience modernization. Even world powers such as China are experiencing the pains, and benefits, of modernization. The modernization of the United States, England, and many other countries can be used as examples to further modernization in other parts of the world, and perhaps some of the growing pains experienced here can be avoided while the benefits of modernization can be enjoyed by those entering the process. While modernization has often been blamed for the loss of many traditions, it is undeniable that the resulting technology has been responsible for the elimination of many of the repetitive back-breaking tasks and has increased productivity many fold. Modernization has increased efficiency and substantially lowered the price per piece for manufacturing. This has come with a price, however, because the industrialization and modernization has also resulted in increased pollution and exploitation of many of our natural resources. The modernization that has increased productivity has also meant that there is an increase in consumption of raw materials, which has resulted in more mining efforts and increased pollution due to the manufacturing processes as well
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