Future of Nuclear Energy in America Essay

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Foreword Nuclear Energy has many proponents and much opposition. Many of the groups that oppose nuclear power have legitimate concerns, mainly with the dangers of nuclear material in relation with human health concerns and environmental troubles that are risked by allowing nuclear power plants to increase in number. Yet, many of these opposition groups have made outspoken and radical claims about the “hidden” motives of why nuclear power is promoted and subsidized by our federal government. For example, The Nuclear Information and Resource Service claim that the federal government has the intention of committing genocide against Native Americans because uranium mining is predominantly done on reservations. Another cry out by nuclear…show more content…
The preservation of energy alternatives will not be possible without permanent disposal of the spent nuclear fuel. (DOE). Without a doubt, nuclear energy is dangerous, but everyone should know that sound policies have been established and will continue to be established to ensure that contamination risks are low. Purpose This paper deals with the risks and potential gains that nuclear power represents for America using sound policy analysis principles to make key points without any bias that might arise from personal opinion. Like any other controversy, public policy can be made concerning electric energy produced by the means of nuclear material. This paper will demonstrate the statement that “Policy analysis is a process of multidisciplinary inquiry designed to create, critically assess, and communicate information that is useful in understanding and improving polices.”(Dunn, p. 1). This paper will use various cited sources including the textbooks used throughout the semester about public policy decision making. The textbook Public Policy Analysis by William Dunn gives a wealth of guidance for analyzing and forecasting the needs for the creation of government policies. Therefore, it will be the main guiding source used in the creation of this paper. A main purpose of this paper is to show that policies are enacted for the issue of nuclear power in America and the negative and positive
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