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Some sports will remain unchanged and virtually untouched by technology, the American style football for example has proven over time it is very resistant technology.6 By the time 2020 arrives it is presumed that many sports will willingly allow technology to become an even greater part of their sport culture. Problem calls will become a thing of the past in those sports the sport of football will continue to have their human umpires running around attempting to keep up with all 22 players at one time.6 While these issues may continue in this sport not all sports will be so closed minded to the ideas of the technological and automation advances that will be occuring. In one-way or another every company and sport association will be a…show more content…
In fact their experience will be just as real as if they actually attended. More sporting events will be captured with the ever-evolving 3D technology. Spectators are sure to continue attending event due to the 2020 style arenas, which will no doubt be state of the art. The viewers at home with the right technology will enjoy sporting events just as much if not even more so than the actual attendees. The new technology will allow the home viewer to zoom in and out, and even change their viewpoint all while pulling live up to date data of the event, the athletes and fellow fans.6 Some stadiums will offer experiences which can only be received by attending and surely provide rewarding experiences for the attending fans of the event, home viewers however are sure to enjoy their own flexible, interactive environments. Advertising during sporting events is sure to more impactful and more individualized as well. Fans of sporting events are sure to enjoy personal viewing experiences which will be provided by the ultra-thin OLEDs4 they are provided for their personal viewing pleasure in the stadiums. This technology will allow the fans to view their desired views, replays, menus and team status updates as they use almost any surface as their screen and enjoy the touch technology it will provide.4 These technology will be geared for each spectator both virtual and those who attend via their personal HD 3D

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