Futurecare Medical Group Case Summary

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What institutional or corporate vision should be articulated for FutureCare Medical Group with respect to the proposed on-line patient services. Most healthcare organization are facing tremendous amount of challenges as they attempt to solve problems and take advantages of the numerous opportunities brought about by the advancement in information technology, and information system. The decision to embark on a certain project can prove to be a daunting task, due to the fact that most proposed project will encounter major resistance and experience low stakeholder buy-in. One of the major reason that project faces resistance is the lack a well articulated vision statement at the initial phase of the project. As in the case of FutureCare Medical Group, a clear vision for the project was ambiguous at best, and achieve very little in persuading the physician's group to offer their full support. …show more content…

The project vision should emphasis the consequences of inaction by highlighting the need to maintain the organization's competitiveness through the use and adopting the advancement and trend in communication technologies. Additionally, the vision should clearly articulate the changing trends and the need to increase the organization's market share in the region by increasing outreach through the implementation of e-visit, enhanced billable communication channels that will allow the organization to effective enforce the core mission and objectives of the organization of community

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