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CCNA4 Exploration: Accessing the WAN Guided Case Study Student: Date: Marks: Overview and Objectives This final case study allows students to build and configure a complex network using skills gained throughout the course. This case study is not a trivial task. To complete it as outlined with all required documentation will be a significant accomplishment. The case study scenario describes the project in general terms, and will explain why the network is being built. Following the scenario, the project is broken into a number of phases, each of which has a detailed list of requirements. It is important to read and understand each…show more content…
• Expect 100% growth of current IP requirements when determining size of subnets. • All networking devices must have IP addresses. • Use the private class B _______ network for internal addressing throughout the company’s WAN and LAN networks. • Use VLSM for IP addressing. • Use subnet for connection to the Internet via the HQ router in Exeter. • There is a DNS server at address connected to the HQ router. • Security between the various networks is required to be controlled via firewalls (access control lists). • One public address,, has been provided external access to the Internet for the company. Phase 1: Network Design (20 marks) 1. Produce a logical diagram with IPv4 addressing for the based on the scenario given for the WANs and LANs for South West Electrical that includes: ▪ Use ______ for internal addressing with IP subnet zero enabled. ▪ Apply /30 subnets on all serial interfaces, using the last available subnets. ▪ Define router and switch names • Design a redundant switched network with spanning-tree to elect the root bridge. ▪ Define VLANs, names and their network addresses. • Design for the propagation of VLANs with VTP. ▪ All network addresses. ▪ Number of hosts per network. ▪ Link Speeds. • Design to secure the ports on the switches using port
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