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STRATEGY & FINANCE MID-SEMESTER ASSIGNMENT Dr. John Heptonstall Bao Chau Nguyen Xuan May 2011 I/ Summary of FVC & RSE’s business activities 1. Flinder Valves and Controls Inc. Flinder Valves and Controls Inc. is a small company located in Southern California, manufactured specialty valves & heat exchangers. This company realized an outgrowth in 1980s of previous century from a small company for engineering on an experimental heat-exchanger product. After 7 years, it acquired the properties of the engineering corporation under the leadership of Bill Flinder, an outstanding researcher. He always concentrates on R&D not only to improve current products but also to create new products with patent protection. Moreover, it also owns a…show more content…
- As being an internationally corporation, RSE has a large distribution network with a strong marketing clout  help FVC expand its market share when cross selling with other RSE’s products. - RSE 's greater purchasing power would lower the cost of materials and components for FVC  reduce FVC’s in-process costs. It has a significant meaning especially in the increasingly global marketplace with more costly development. - RSE is also expert in high-volume manufacturing with many experiences & product know-how which FVC did not have. - Additional, being a large international financial corporation, RSE hold a deep financial pockets which FVC is lacking to expand its research & development as well as executing the firm’s "widening gyre" project which Bill Flinder believes that would have a broad application in nautical, aerospace and automotive products. Based on the investment required to bring such technology to market, he estimated the economic value at between $10 and $18 million. As shown above, both two companies are each in a position to complement each other to reap the benefit of each other’s strengths. Otherwise, RSE had adopted an aggressive growth-byacquisition program aimed at diversifying the company’s markets and prospects. It is a good time for both companies to take advantage of the synergies of merging together (i.e. economies of scale, economies of scope, cross selling, and

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